#20: C’mon let’s put Christmas on the table

Unpolluted On Air
Unpolluted On Air
#20: C'mon let's put Christmas on the table

Partner podcast revealing the Christmas time of Graz, Maribor and Zagreb. Producers of Radio Helsinki, Radio Zagreb and Radio Marš sit down at the studio of Radio Helsinki with host Gea to talk about ecological, economical as well as personal aspects of this festive time of the year. What does the city offer to the public? And to what extent does each individual even accept these offers? What is there to know about lightning, packaging and food waste during the month of December? We will not only chat about Christmas trees and the Christmas markets but reflect on how we feel during the celebrations and how we perceive the “rush” all around. This podcast gets wrapped up by some useful tips to make the upcoming festivities more environmentally friendly.


Theresa, Nicolas, Leila, Maryna, Leonie, Gea (Radio Helsinki team)

Sara P., Sara S., Ivan (Radio Student Zagreb)

Zinedin (Radio Marš)

Photo: Benedikt

Editing: Benedikt

Song: Elf Cottage Elves – Green Christmas

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