On Air


RadioAktivizem is an international project of three independent radio stations: Radio MARŠ (Maribor, Slovenia), Radio Helsinki (Graz, Austria) and Radio Student (Zagreb, Croatia). The core of the project is the production of a series of podcasts on specific sub-topics of environmentalism and climate change, produced by young radio workers, journalists and environmental activists.

The podcast series Unpolluted On Air, co-produced by Radio MARŠ, Radio Helsinki and Radio Student, will comprise 40 episodes produced and aired between June 2022 and August 2023. Each radio crew will produce one episode per month, while four special, joint episodes will be done in collaboration of all three radio crews. On a monthly basis, teams of young radio workers will explore a common theme, each in their own local environment. 


"Turn it off, set it on 0" - through the lens of SDG 7

Radio Helsinki’s February edition of Unpolluted On Air covers global topic of the SDG 7 (Sustainable Development Goals 7)—to “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”—with focus on Austria and Graz. Facts, theory, and three interviews: (1) with RadioActivist Nicolas' mum who works in the field of SDGs; (2) with Prof. Dr. Alfred Posch, professor at the U of Graz in the field of Sustainable transition and innovation and transdisciplinary learning for sustainable development; and (3) with an employee from the Carla store about their sustainable measures.


Radio Marš

Mariborski radio študent (Radio MARŠ) is a Slovenian non-profit student and community radio station from Maribor, that was established in 1990. MARŠ broadcasts its programme in the wider Maribor area on 95.9 MHz and as an web radio.


Radio Helsinki

Radio Helsinki – Verein Freie Radio Steiermark is an independent radio station from Graz. The radio station is broadcast in Graz on 92.6 MHz, and in addition streams its programme online as a web radio.  


Radio Student

Radio Student is a non-profit radio station from Zagreb that was established in 1996. From an educational station that provided a supportive environment for the development of young radio personalities and journalists, it quickly developed into a radio program, addressing topics of public interest.