#21: Fight against “toss in trash”

Unpolluted On Air
Unpolluted On Air
#21: Fight against "toss in trash"

This month “Unpolluted On Air” is all about food waste. Radioactivists of Radio Helsinki interviewed people who are trying to avoid the loss of groceries. We present you the food sharing points by “Together Point” and the initiative “Lebensmittel sind kostbar” of the Federal Ministry. How does contact with supermarkets and consumers work for them? A restaurant employee and a local eco-networker talk about reducing food waste as part of their job. Which projects and measures can be taken and where are barriers? How about best before date vs expiry date of yogurt? We serve you numbers, statistics and tips on how, when and what to save and eat.

Voices of RadioActivists: Hannah, Theresa, Leonie, Maryna, Leila, Gea

Interview Partners: David Steinwender (founder of Transition Graz, Mosaik des guten Essens and an activist for food sovereignty), Natalie Ackermann (Together Point), Christine Hochholdinger (Lebensmittel sind kostbar), Restaurant-Employee Brivy

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