#22: Served Directly in the Garbage

Unpolluted On Air
Unpolluted On Air
#22: Served Directly in the Garbage

Empty-stomached Zinedin in Jan spout a humanistic talk about numbers, habits, systemic mistakes and phenomena relating to food that eventually ends up in the trash bin — be it at home or the supermarket parking lot.

They are joined by anthropologist Dr. Dan Podjed, who discusses our attitude towards food as recognized by a study in the scope of the project Nevidno življenje odpadkov (The invisible life of waste), as well as how, during the pandemic, the pile of wasted food had been surpassed in size by the pile of packaging accompanying it.

Language: Slovene

Produced by: Radio MARŠ
Voice: Jan Podbrežnik, Zinedin Osmanović
Guest: dr. Dan Podjed
Sound Technician: Jan Podbrežnik

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