#28: To find sustainibility in rurality

Unpolluted On Air
Unpolluted On Air
#28: To find sustainibility in rurality

In this week’s episode of the Unpolluted on air podcast, we talked to Simon Žlahtič, a man of culture, in both senses (don’t worry, this joke is referenced only once throughout the podcast). Simon majored in Art History and worked as a culture producer, before taking over the “agricultural property” in Drankovec, in the neighboring municipality of Pesnica, as a farmer and fruit producer.

On the premises there are a house, fields, a pond, barn, sheep, goat, a few acres of forest… And the sum represents “the basic societal cell”, to sum up his recent article in Slovene architecture magazine Outsider. 

Simon is also an ex-member of MARŠ, an environmentalist, and one of the proponents of “Save the Rogoza forest” initiative, who stood against the construction of the Magna Steyr factory on the farmland in the vicinity of Maribor.

The interview touches on the initiative, other actions, the relationship between the land and the people, on how to tackle tradition and more. Mainly, through the prism of sustainability.

Language: Slovene

Produced by: Radio MARŠ
Voice: Jan Podbrežnik
Guest: Simon Žlahtič
Sound Technician:
Jan Podbrežnik

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